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НОВЫЕ РЕЛИЗЫ В США (на 13 января)

15.12.08 18:29 Раздел: Хроника Рубрика: Хроника
НОВЫЕ РЕЛИЗЫ В США (на 13 января)

(по данным еженедельника Billboard).
Bee Gees — "Odessa" [Deluxe Edition] (Beegees/Reprise).
Мадонна — "Miles Away" (Warner Bros.).
Metallica — "Collectors Box Set" [DVD] (Classic Rock Legends).
Пол Маккартни — "In Performance" (Classic Rock Legends).
Jackson 5 — "Playlist: The Very Best Of The Jacksons" (Legacy).
Стиви Никс — "The Soundstage Sessions" (Reprise/WEA).
Rolling Stones — "The Brian Jones Years" (Classic Rock Legends).
Джон Леннон — "In Performance" (Classic Rock Legends).
Pink Floyd — "Dark Side Of The Moon: The Ultimate Critical Review" (Classic Rock Legends).
Стив Перри — "Playlist: The Very Best Of Steve Perry" (Legacy).
Kinks — "Life On The Road" (Classic Rock Legends).
Вэн Моррисон — "Playlist: The Very Best Of Van Morrison" (Legacy).
Andrews Sisters — "The Best Of Anthology" [Deluxe Edition] (Cleopatra).
Артур Ли — "Arthur Lee" (Friday).
Dead Can Dance — "Spleen And Ideal" (Vinyl 180).
Джуди Гарленд — "Love Songs" (Savoy Jazz).
Kreator — "Hordes Of Chaos" [Limited Edition] (Steamhammer).
Дин Мартин — "Love Songs" (Universal).
Run-D.M.C. — "Playlist: The Very Best Of Run DMC" (Legacy).
Рик Уэйкман — "Tribute" (United States).
King Crimson — "EleKtriK" (DGM/Inner Knot).
King Crimson — "Level Five" (DGM/Inner Knot).
Тедди Пендерграсс — "Playlist: The Very Best Of Teddy Pendergrass" (SMG).
Saxon — "Into The Labyrinth" (Steamhammer).
Джимми Клифф — "Very Best Of Jimmy Cliff" (Spectrum Audio).
Four Tops — "Live From The MGM Grand In Las Vegas: 40th Anniversary Special" (Soul Concerts).
Питер Тош — "Playlist: The Very Best Of Peter Tosh" (Legacy).
Beach Boys — "Pet Sounds" (Audio Fidelity).
Луис Прима — "On The Radio" (Acrobat).
Indigo Girls — "Playlist: The Very Best Of Indigo" (Legacy).
Дейв Беннетт — "Celebrates 100 Years Of Benny" (Arbors).
Love — "Love Live: Whisky A Go-Go 1978" [Deluxe] (Friday).
Рави Кольтрейн — "Blending Times" (Savoy Jazz).
Europe — "Playlist: The Very Best Of Europe" (Legacy).
Фрэдди Кеннон — "Boom Boom Rock 'N' Roll: The Best Of Freddie Cannon" (Shout Factory).
Spin Doctors — "Playlist: The Very Best Of Spin Doctors" (Legacy).
Дэн Фогельбург — "Playlist: The Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg" (Legacy).
White Lion — "When The Children Cry: Demos '83-'89" (Cleopatra).
Band — "The Band" (Audio Fidelity).
Spirit — "California Blues Redux" (Morada Music).
Frost — "Experiments In Mass Appeal" [CD/DVD] (Inside/Out).
Tamburica Orchestra — "Folklore From Croatia" (Arc).
Dutch Jazz Orchestra Group — "Moon Dreams" (Challenge).
Разные исполнители — "AC/DC's Black Ice Tribute" (CC).
Разные исполнители — "Gypsy Beats" (Bar de Lune Boxes).
Разные исполнители — "Hitsville USA, Vol. 1: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971" (Motown).
Разные исполнители — "Now That's What I Call Motown!" (Universal).
Разные исполнители — "NOW: Motown" (Universal).
Разные исполнители — "You'll Be In My Heart: The Essential Disney Love Song Collection" (Walt Disney).
Саундтрек — "American Gangsters" (Silva).
Саундтрек — "Doctor Who: Series 4" (Silva).
Саундтрек — "Forbidden Broadway Goes To Rehab" (DRG).
Саундтрек — "Hotel For Dogs" (Razor & Tie).
Саундтрек — "Kurogami: Ed & Theme Songs" (Lantis Japan).
Саундтрек — "Notorious" [Clean] (Bad Boy).
Саундтрек — "Take Me Along" [Broadway Cast] (DRG).
Саундтрек — "Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans" (Lakeshore).
Саундтрек — "X Games After Party" (Verve).