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НОВЫЕ РЕЛИЗЫ В США (на 27 октября)

29.09.08 16:56 Раздел: Хроника Рубрика: Хроника
НОВЫЕ РЕЛИЗЫ В США (на 27 октября)

(по данным еженедельника Billboard)
Total Fucking Destruction — "Peace, Love, And Total Fucking Destruction" (Ennuciation).
Мадонна — "Lowdown Unauthorized" (Sexy Intellectual).
Metallica — "...And Justice For All" (Warner Bros.).
Селин Дион — "My Love: Complete Best" (Sony).
Селин Дион — "My Love: Ultimate Complete Best" (Sony).
Arctic Monkeys — "Late Night Tales Presents Arctic Monkeys" (Late Night Tales).
Пинк — "Funhouse" [Clean] (La Face).
Bloc Party — "Intimacy" (Atlantic).
Дайдо — "Life For Rent" (RCA).
Дайдо — "No Angel" (RCA).
Lordi — "Deadache" (End).
Сара Брайтман — "A Winter Symphony" (Manhattan).
Snow Patrol — "A Hundred Million Suns" (Geffen).
Тони Брэкстон — "Playlist: The Very Best" (Legacy).
Bee Gees — "Number Ones" (Rhino).
Джон Леннон — "Rock 'N' Roll" (Capitol).
Anathema — "The Silent Enigma" (Peaceville).
Стив Вай — "Passion And Warfare" (Sony Legacy).
Queen — "A Day At The Races" (Fontana Hollywood).
Queen — "A Night At The Opera" (Fontana Hollywood).
Queen — "Queen II" (Fontana Hollywood).
Queen — "Sheer Heart Attack" (Fontana Hollywood).
Queen — "The Cosmos Rocks" (Fontana Hollywood).
Джон Ледженд — "Evolver" (Columbia).
Dokken — "Tooth And Nail" (Flashback).
Райан Адамс — "Cardinology" [Bonus 7" Vinyl] (Lost Highway).
Dog Fashion Disco — "Beating A Dead Horse To Death...Again" (Rotten).
Dog Fashion Disco — "DFDVD 2" (Rotten).
Брюс Спрингстин — "Dream Baby Dream" (Blast First Petite).
Cheap Trick — "At Budokan" (Sony Legacy).
Боб Дилан — "Inside Bob Dylan's Jesus Years: Busy Being Born...Again" (Highway 61).
Simon & Garfunkel — "Bookends" (Sundazed).
Simon & Garfunkel — "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thyme" (Sundazed).
Барт Бакарак — "Live At The Sydney Opera House" (Verve).
Stray Cats — "Built For Speed" (Capitol).
Стиви Никс — "Live In Chicago" [DVD] (Reprise).
KYPCK — "Cherno" (Century Media).
Вилли Нельсон — "Live From Jazz At Lincoln Center New York City" (Eagle Rock).
American Revolution — "Buddha Electrostorm" (Empyrean).
Тони Беннетт — "The Platinum Anthology" [Deluxe Edition] (Cleopatra).
Devil Wears Prada — "Plagues" (Rise).
Фрэнк Синатра — "Playlist: The Very Best" (SMG).
Machine Head — "Blackening" [Bonus DVD] (Roadrunner).
Реба Макинтайр — "50 Greatest Hits" (MCA Nashville).
Living Colour — "CBGB Omfug Masters" (CBGB).
Living Colour — "Playlist: The Very Best" (Legacy).
Джон Колтрейн — "Blue Train" [Expanded Edition] (JCT).
Byrds — "Playlist: The Very Best" (Legacy).
Ли Энн Вумак — "Call Me Crazy" (MCA Nashville).
Flaming Lips — "Christmas On Mars" [DVD] (Warner Bros.).
Карли Саймон — "Come Upstairs" (Flashback).
Jefferson Starship — "Playlist: The Very Best" (Legacy).
Джонни Кэш — "Chapter & Verse" (DVD International).
Blood, Sweat & Tears — "Child Is Father To The Man" (Sony Legacy).
Пэт Мэтени — "First Circle" [Touchstones Series] (ECM).
Rascal Flatts — "Greatest Hits, Vol. 1" [Bonus Tracks] (Lyric Street).
Айк Тернер — "Live In Concert" (Charly).
Soda Stereo — "Gira Me Veras Volver" (Sony International).
Аарон Невилл — "Greatest Hits" (EMI Gospel).
Roxy Music — "For Your Pleasure" (VCT).
Roxy Music — "Roxy Music" (VCT).
Бо Диддли — "Gold" (Geffen).
Eagles Of Death Metal — "Heart On" (Universal).
Брайан Макнайт — "I'll Be Home For Christmas" (RAZOR & TIE).
ZZ Top — "Live From Texas" [DVD] (Eagle).
Генри Манчини — "Marches/Sousa In Hi-Fi" (Collectors Choice).
Clash — "Live At Shea Stadium" (Legacy).
Айс-Ти — "Montreux Jazz Festival 95" [DVD] (Charly).
En Vogue — "Live In The USA" (Charly).
Джерри Ли Льюис — "Original Greatest Hits" (Time/Life).
Kaiser Chiefs — "Off With Their Heads" (B-Unique/Universal Motown).
Бек — "The Lowdown Unauthorized" (Sexy Intellectual).
Beach Boys — "Endless Summer" (Capitol).
Тоби Кейт — "That Don't Make Me A Bad Guy" (Show Dog Nashville).
Talk Talk — "Live At Montreux 1986" (Eagle Rock).
Билли Холидей — "Remixed & Reimagined" (Sony Legacy).
Earth, Wind & Fire — "Playlist: The Very Best" (Legacy).
Джамал — "The Return Of The Song" (Nightmare).
Brutal Truth — "For Drug Crazed Grindfreaks Only! Live At Noctum Studios" (Relapse).
Сонни Роллинз — "Road Shows, Vol. 1" (Emarcy).
Cinderella — "In Concert" [DVD] (Cleopatra).
Том Петти — "Runnin' Down A Dream" [DVD] (Rhino).
Small Faces — "Ogden's Nut Gone Flake" (Snapper UK).
Рэй Кудер — "The Ry Cooder Anthology: The UFO Has Landed" (Rhino).
Ratt — "Reach For The Sky" (Flashback).
Трейс Аткинс — "Live From Austin, TX" (New West).
Diamond Rio — "Playlist: The Very Best" (Legacy).
Джо Уолш — "The Confessor" (Flashback).
Pink Floyd — "Pink Floyd's London & Cambridge" (Arts Magic).
Мервин Гей — "Playlist: The Very Best" (Legacy).
Megadeth — "Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?" (Capitol).
Боз Скаггз — "Speak Low" (Decca U.S.).
C+C Music Factory — "Playlist: The Very Best" (Legacy).
Хэнк Уильямс — "Unreleased Recordings" (Time/Life WEA).
Public Enemy — "Revolverlution Tour 2003" [DVD] (Charly).
DJ Бабу — "Duck Season, Vol. 3" (Nature Sounds).
Skid Row — "Slave To The Grind" (Flashback).
DJ Марки — "Influences" (K7R).
Lynyrd Skynyrd — "Sweet Home Alabama: The Rockpalast Collection" [DVD] (Eagle Rock).
Кэт Стивенс — "Tea For The Tillerman" [Deluxe Edition] (A&M).
Кэт Стивенс — "Teaser And The Firecat" [Deluxe Edition] (A&M).
Devo — "The Greatest Misses" (Flashback).
Херби Хэнкок — "Head Hunters" (Sony Legacy).
Херби Хэнкок — "Maiden Voyage" (JCT).
Херби Хэнкок — "Playlist: The Very Best" (Legacy).
Pretenders — "The Isle Of View" (Flashback).
Marillion — "Happiness Is the Road, Vol. 1" (Racket).
Marillion — "Happiness Is the Road, Vol. 2" (Racket).
Marillion — "Marbles" (Racket).
Queensrÿche — "Operation: Mindcrime" (Capitol).
Band — "Music From Big Pink" (Capitol).
Band — "The Band" (Capitol).
Music — "Strength In Numbers" [CD/DVD] (Universal Japan).
Steppenwolf — "Rock Me/The Early Years" (IMV Blueline).
Grave — "Exhumed: The Best Of Grave" (Century Media).
P.M. Dawn — "Most Requested" (Sheridan Square).
O'Jays — "Playlist: The Very Best" (SMG).
Blackfoot — "Tomcattin'" (Flashback).
Разные исполнители — "And There Was Christmas" (Verity).
Разные исполнители — "Best Of Bond...James Bond: 40th Anniversary Edition" (Capitol).
Разные исполнители — "Christmas In The City, Vol. 2" [Circuit City Exclusive] (Universal Special Markets).
Разные исполнители — "Hed Kandi: Disco Heaven A Glittering Selection Of The Sexiest Disco House" (Hed Kandi).
Разные исполнители — "House Of The Rising Punk" (Zeit Media Limited).
Разные исполнители — "Ibimeni: Garifuna Traditional Music From Guatemala" (Sub Rosa).
Разные исполнители — "Noel! Voices Of Christmas" (Angel).
Разные исполнители — "The Golden Road: The Electric Coffee House, Vol. 2: Further Travels Into Unexplored Rock" (Psychic Circle).
Разные исполнители — "X Christmas" (Bec).
Саундтрек — "Best Of Bond: James Bond" [CD/DVD] (Capitol).
Саундтрек — "Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter" (MVD).
Саундтрек — "OMFGG: Original Music Featured On Gossip Girl" (Atlantic).
Саундтрек — "Otokowa Tsurai Yo" (Universal Japan).
Саундтрек — "Quantum Of Solace" (RCA).
Саундтрек — "The Guitar" (Lakeshore).
Саундтрек — "Ukawanimation" [CD/DVD] (Avex Trax Japan).
Саундтрек — "Wicked: 5th Anniversary Special Edition" [2 Discs] (Decca Broadway).
Караоке — "Canta Con Las Originales" (Warner Bros.).