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НОВЫЕ РЕЛИЗЫ В США (на 30 сентября)

01.09.08 17:14 Раздел: Хроника Рубрика: Хроника
НОВЫЕ РЕЛИЗЫ В США (на 30 сентября)

(По данным еженедельника Billboard).
Star Fucking Hipsters — "Until We're Dead" (Fat Wreck Chord).
Мелисса Этеридж — "A New Thought For Christmas" (Island).
Nâdiya — "Ndiya : l'Histoire en 16: 9EME" (Sony BMG Europe).
Тина Тернер — "Tina! Her Greatest Hits" (Capitol).
XX Teens — "Welcome To Goon Island" (Mut).
Бетт Мидлер — "Some People's Lives" (Flashback).
Pink Floyd — "Collector's Box Set" [DVD] (Classic Rock Legends).
Натали Коул — "Good To Be Back" (Flashback).
Mercury Rev — "Snowflake Midnight" (Yep Roc).
Пит Сигер — "At 89" (Appleseed).
Megadeth — "Anthology: Set The World A Fire" (Capitol).
Дэвид Боуи — "Bowie In The 70's" (Pride).
Ramones — "Brain Drain" (Flashback).
Принс — "Come" (Flashback).
Black Sabbath — "Children Of The Grave" [DVD] (Classic Rock Legends).
Мисси Эллиотт — "Block Party" [Clean] (Atlantic/WEA).
UB40 — "Greatest Hits" (Virgin).
Джон Ли Хукер — "Family Matters" (Acadia).
Keane — "Curate A Night For War Child" (Eagle Rock).
Мэри Чапин Карпентер — "Come Darkness Come Light" (Zoe).
Collective Soul — "Dosage" (Flashback).
Карли Саймон — "Boys In The Trees" (Flashback).
Santana — "Multi-Dimensional Warrior" (Columbia).
Мариэнн Фейтфулл — "Live At The BBC" (Ume Imports).
E.S.T. — "Leucocyte" (Emarcy).
Фейт Хилл — "Joy To The World" (Warner Bros.).
Jethro Tull — "Live At Montreux 2003" [DVD] (Eagle Rock).
Тори Амос — "Live At Montreux 1991-1992" [DVD] (Eagle Rock).
Brazzaville — "21st Century Girl" (Bus Stop).
Чик Кореа — "Children's Songs" [Touchstones Series] (ECM).
Dream Theater — "Chaos In Motion" (Roadrunner).
Dream Theater — "Chaos in Motion: 2007-2008" [Deluxe Collector's Edition] (Roadrunner).
Доктор Джон — "Goin' Back To New Orleans" (Flashback).
Dion — "Heroes: Giants Of Early Guitar Rock" (Time Life).
Лайонел Хемптон — "Jazz Icons: Lionel Hampton Live In '58" (Jazz Icons).
Real Thing — "It's The Real Thing: The Singles Collection" (Ume Imports).
Тадж Махал — "Maestro" (Heads Up).
Fall — "Imperial Wax Solvent" (Ume Imports).
Пэт Метени — "New Chautauqua" [Touchstones Series] (ECM).
Saint Etienne — "London Conversations: The Best Of Saint Etienne" [2CD + DVD] (Heavenly).
Бела Флэк — "Jingle All The Way" (Rounder).
Bomb The Bass — "Future Chaos" (K7R).
Майлз Дэвис — "Kind Of Blue" [50th Anniversary Collector's Edition] (Legacy).
La Oreja de Van Gogh — "A Las Cinco en el Astoria" (Sony).
Сонни Роллинз — "Jazz Icons: Sonny Rollins Live In '65 & '68" (Jazz Icons).
Emerson, Lake & Palmer — "Pictures At An Exhibition" (Castle).
Джонни Уинтер — "Black Cat Bone: The Anthology" (Cleopatra).
Earth, Wind & Fire — "Gratitude" [Vinyl Classics] (Columbia).
Хэнк Уильямс — "Famous Country Music Makers" (High Fidelity).
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young — "So Far" (Atlantic).
Вилли Нельсон — "Red Headed Stranger" (Sony Legacy).
Ultravox — "Rage In Eden" (EMD Int'l).
Джек Брюс — "Spirit: Live At The BBC 1971-1978" (Ume Imports).
Charlatans — "The Best Of The BBC Recordings 1999-2006" (Ume Imports).
Нелли — "The Lowdown Unauthorized" (Sexy Intellectual).
Nazareth — "Razamanaz" [DVD] (Ume Imports).
Боз Скаггс — "Speak Low" (Decca U.S.).
Grateful Dead — "Rocking The Cradle: Egypt 1978" [2 CD/DVD] (Grateful Dead).
Эми Грант — "The Christmas Collection" (Sparrow).
Run-D.M.C. — "Run-D.M.C. Slipcase" (Arista Europe).
Уоррен Джи — "The G-Files" (TTL).
Enigma — "Seven Lives Many Faces" (Virgin).
Рой Орбисон — "The Soul Of Rock & Roll" (Legacy).
Echo & The Bunnymen — "Songs To Learn And Sing" (Rhino/Warner).
Сэм Кук — "Live At The Harlem Square Club, 1963" (RCA).
Сэм Кук — "One Night Stand: Sam Cooke Live At The Harlem Square Club, 1963" (Sony Legacy).
Squeeze — "The Complete BBC Sessions" (Ume Imports).
Нина Саймон — "Jazz Icons: Nina Simone Live In '65 & '66" (Jazz Icons).
Нина Саймон — "Remixed & Reimagined" (Sony Legacy).
Нина Саймон — "To Be Free" (Legacy).
Atomic Rooster — "The Devil Hits Back" (Abstract Sounds).
Майкл Джексон — "Thriller" [Vinyl Picture Disc] (Legacy).
Cure — "The Document" (United States).
U2 — "Live At Red Rocks" [DVD] (Island).
U2 — "Rebirth Of Cool: U2 In The Third" (Sexy Intellectual).
Judas Priest — "Metalogy" (Legacy).
Judas Priest — "Original Album Classics" (Sony BMG Europe).
Van Der Graaf Generator — "Time Vaults" (Abstract Sounds).
Creedence Clearwater Revival — "Bayou Country" (Fantasy).
Creedence Clearwater Revival — "Cosmo's Factory" (Fantasy).
Creedence Clearwater Revival — "Creedence Clearwater Revival" (Fantasy).
Creedence Clearwater Revival — "Green River" (Fantasy).
Creedence Clearwater Revival — "Pendulum" (Fantasy).
Creedence Clearwater Revival — "Willy And The Poor Boys" (Fantasy).
Little Feat — "Time Loves A Hero" (Flashback).
Mötley Crüe — "Dr. Feelgood" (Eleven Seven Music).
Mötley Crüe — "Generation Swine" (Eleven Seven Music).
Mötley Crüe — "Girls, Girls, Girls" (Eleven Seven Music).
Mötley Crüe — "Mötley Crüe" (Eleven Seven Music).
Mötley Crüe — "New Tattoo" (Eleven Seven Music).
Mötley Crüe — "Shout At The Devil" (Eleven Seven Music).
Mötley Crüe — "Theatre Of Pain" (Eleven Seven Music).
Mötley Crüe — "Too Fast For Love" (Eleven Seven Music).
Thin Lizzy — "Shades Of A Blue Orphanage" [Limited Edition] (Ume Imports).
Thin Lizzy — "Thin Lizzy" (Ume Imports).
Thin Lizzy — "Vagabonds Of The Western World" [Limited Edition] (Ume Imports).
Trans-Sylvanian Orchestra — "Trans-Sylvanian Orchestra" (Shout Factory).
Ministry — "Twitch" (Flashback).
Разные исполнители — "All I Want For Christmas" (Reflection).
Разные исполнители — "Black Metal Satanica" (Cleopatra).
Разные исполнители — "Christmas By Candlelight" (Reflection).
Разные исполнители — "Christmas Party Mix" (Reflection).
Разные исполнители — "Christmas Sing Along" (Reflection).
Разные исполнители — "Halloween Classics" (Shout Factory).
Разные исполнители — "Les Paul And Friends: Tribute To A Legend" (Immergent).
Разные исполнители — "Symphonic Music Of The Beatles" (Big Eye).
Разные исполнители — "Tribute To Thin Lizzy" (Cleopatra).
Саундтрек — "Blindness" [Score] (Decca U.S.).
Саундтрек — "Dirty Dancing" [Original Cast Recording] (Masterworks).
Саундтрек — "Eagle Eye" (Varese Sarabande).
Саундтрек — "Fly Me To The Moon" [Score] (Varese Sarabande).
Саундтрек — "Frankenstein" [Original Cast Recording] (Razor & Tie).
Саундтрек — "Nobel Son" (Lakeshore).
Саундтрек — "The Express" (Lakeshore).