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НОВЫЕ РЕЛИЗЫ В США (на 8 июля)

09.06.08 17:54 Раздел: Хроника Рубрика: Хроника
НОВЫЕ РЕЛИЗЫ В США (на 8 июля)

(По данным еженедельника Billboard).
Architecture In Helsinki — "Like It or Not EP" (Polyvinyl).
Майкл Джексон — "Celebrating 25 Years Of Thriller" (United States Of America).
Metallica — "The Interview Sessions" (United States Of).
Шерил Кроу — "Live" [DVD] (Koch Vision).
Limp Bizkit — "Rock In The Park 2001" [DVD] (Charly).
Элисон Мойет — "Turn" (W14).
Coldplay — "The Coldplay Phenomenon" (Hurricane Int'l).
Рита Кулидж — "Anytime, Anywhere/Love Me Again" (Raven).
Danzig — "The Lost Tracks Of Danzig" (Evilive).
Патти Смит — "The Coral Sea" (TBC).
Stranglers — "The Raven" (Candlelight).
Джо Страммер — "The Future Is Unwritten" [DVD] (Sony Legacy).
Black Crowes — "Warpaint" (Megaforce).
Алан Прайс — "Between Today And Yesterday" (Collectors' Choice Music).
Sigue Sigue Sputnik — "Flaunt It" (Cleopatra).
Альберт Хаммонд — "Como Te Llama?" (Red Ink).
Yellowjackets — "In Concert: Ohne Filter" (Inakustik).
Гейм — "Lax" [Clean] (Geffen).
Bad Religion — "New Maps Of Hell" [Deluxe Version] (Epitaph).
Леонард Коэн — "Under Review: 1978-2006" (Sexy Intellectual).
Led Zeppelin — "Physical Graffiti" [DVD] (Sexy Intellectual).
Джордж Майкл — "Older" (Sony Legacy).
Crash Test Dummies — "Playlist: The Very Best Of Crash Test Dummies" (Playlist).
Ринго Старр — "Live On Tour" (Koch).
Ринго Старр — "Live on Tour" [DVD] (Koch).
Radiators — "Wild & Free" (Radz).
Рик Эстли — "Playlist: The Very Best Of Rick Astley" (Playlist).
Fish — "Return To Childhood" (United States Of).
Джуэл — "Jewel In Concert" (Koch Vision).
Bangles — "Playlist: The Very Best Of The Bangles" (Playlist).
Рик Спрингфилд — "Playlist: The Very Best Of Rick Springfield" (Playlist).
Moody Blues — "Lovely To See You: Live" [Blu-Ray] (Image).
Робин Троуэр — "The Best Of Robin Trower" (Capitol).
Cypress Hill — "Playlist: The Very Best Of Cypress Hill" [Clean] (Playlist).
Лу Рид — "Playlist: The Very Best Of Lou Reed" (Playlist).
Judas Priest — "Playlist: The Very Best Of Judas Priest" (Playlist).
Дэвид Боуи — "Live In Santa Monica '72" (VCT).
Fall — "I Never Felt Better In My Life: 1979-1982" (Great American Music).
Билли Джоэл — "The Stranger" [30th Anniversary Deluxe Box Set] (Sony Legacy).
Heart — "Playlist: The Very Best Of Heart" (Playlist).
Джефф Бек — "The Best Of Jeff Beck" [EMI] (EMI Gold).
Jethro Tull — "The Best Of Jethro Tull" (Capitol).
Боб Марли — "Roots, Rock, Remixed" (Koch).
Cannibal Corpse — "Centuries Of Torment" (Metal Blade).
Донован — "Playlist: The Very Best Of Donovan" (Playlist).
Killing Joke — "Democracy" (Candlelight).
Killing Joke — "Extremities, Dirt & Various Repressed Emotions" [Special] (Candlelight).
Рой Орбисон — "A Black and White Night [Blu-Ray] (Image).
Saxon — "Saxon" (Candlelight).
Saxon — "Strong Arm Of The Law" [Limited Edition] (Candlelight).
Saxon — "Wheels Of Steel" (Candlelight).
Билли Холидей — "The Essentials" [Deluxe Edition] (Cleopatra).
UFO — "Lights Out" [2008 Bonus Tracks] (Caroline).
UFO — "Obsession" [2008 Bonus Tracks] (Caroline).
UFO — "Strangers In The Night" [2008 Bonus Tracks] (Caroline).
Эдди Мани — "Playlist: The Very Best Of Eddie Money" (Playlist).
U2 — "9 Under A Blood Red Sky" [Deluxe Edition] (Island).
U2 — "The U2 Phenomenon: The Independent Review" (Hurricane Int'l).
U2 — "Under A Blood Red Sky" (Island).
Вилли Нельсон — "Two Men With The Blues" (Blue Note).
Дюк Эллингтон — "New York, NY" (Storyville).
Дюк Эллингтон — "The Treasury Shows, Vol. 13" (Storyville).
Ван Моррисон — "Common One" [Bonus Tracks] (Polydor UK).
Ван Моррисон — "Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart" [Bonus Tracks] (Polydor UK).
Брайан Ино — "Ambient 1: Music For Airports" (CRC).
Брайан Ино — "Ambient 4: On Land" (CRC).
Брайан Ино — "Another Green World" (CRC).
Брайан Ино — "Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks" (CRC).
Брайан Ино — "Before And After Science" (CRC).
Брайан Ино — "Discreet Music" (CRC).
Брайан Ино — "Here Come The Warm Jets" (CRC).
Брайан Ино — "More Music For Films" (CRC).
Брайан Ино — "Music For Films" (CRC).
Брайан Ино — "Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)" (CRC).
Брайан Ино — "Thursday Afternoon" (CRC).
Разные исполнители — "Life Beyond Mars: Bowie Covered" (Rapster).
Разные исполнители — "Punk As Fuck" (Cleopatra).
Саундтрек — "21" [Original Score] (Adrenaline).
Саундтрек — "Mamma Mia" [Decca Soundtrack] (Decca).
Саундтрек — "Passing Strange" [Original Broadway Cast] (Ghostlight).
Саундтрек — "Weeds: Season 3" (Lions Gate).