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(По данным еженедельника Billboard.)
!!! — "Must Be The Moon" (Warp).
Мутя Буэна — "Real Girl" [UK CD] (Universal/Island).
Tokio Hotel — "Scream" (Universal/Polydor).
Аврил Лавинь — "Girlstalk" (Usd).
Bon Jovi — "(You Want To) Make A Memory" (Universal).
Марк Алмонд — "Stardom Road" (Sanctuary).
Take That — "From Heroes To Zeroes" (MVD).
Джастин Тимберлейк — "Just Hangin Out" (MVD).
Air — "Mer du Japon" (EMI/Virgin).
Хилари Дафф — "Stranger" (EMI/Angel).
Queen — "Rock Case Studies" (Classic Rock Legends).
Queen — "Videography" (Classic Rock Legends).
Пол Маккартни — "Dance Tonight" [UK CD] (Universal/Mercury).
Пол Маккартни — "Memory Almost Full" [Bonus CD] (Universal/Mercury).
Police — "Greatest Hits" (A&M).
Police — "The Police" (A& М).
Стюарт Коупленд — "The Rhythmatist" (A&M).
Killers — "Leaving Las Vegas" (MVD).
Тори Амос — "Maximum Tori" (Usd).
Bronze Nazareth — "The Unknown" (Wanderluxe).
Род Стюарт — "Seventies Collection" (Universal).
AC/DC — "AC/DC Rock Case Studies" (CLL).
AC/DC — "Videography" [2DVD] (Classic Rock Legends).
Шинейд О’Коннор — "Theology" (Ruby Works).
Nine Inch Nails — "Capital G" (Universal/Island).
Тиффани — "Just Me" (10 Spot).
Velvet Revolver — "Melody & The Tyranny" [EP] ( Sony BMG).
Глория Эстефан — "Christmas Through Your Eyes" (Sony).
Depeche Mode — "Exciter" [Rhino US CD/DVD] (Rhino).
Майкл Болтон — "Merry Christmas From Vienna" (Sony).
U2 — "DVD Collector's Box" (MVD).
Том Джонс — "This Is Tom Jones" [DVD] (Time Life).
Том Джонс — "Up Close And Personal" (Trinity).
Том Джонс — "Tom Sings The Beatles" (Lilith).
Beatles — "Magical Mystery Tour" [DVD] [Classic Rock Legends DVD] (Classic Rock Legends).
Beatles — "Rock Milestones: Magical Mystery Tour" (Classic Rock Legends).
Келли Роуленд — "Like This, Pt. 1" (BMG/Music World).
Келли Роуленд — "Like This, Pt.2" (BMG/Music World).
U.D.O. — "Mastorcutor" (Candlelight).
Бьорк — "Greatest Hits" (One Little Indian).
Бьорк — "Medulla" (One Little Indian).
Бьорк — "Selmasongs" (One Little Indian).
Бьорк — "Vespertine" (One Little Indian).
Whitesnake — "1987: 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition" (EMI).
Эдит Пиаф — "20th Century Masters" (Umvd Import).
Los Lobos — "Acoustic en Vivo" (Rider's Block).
Лу Рид — "A Night With Lou Reed" (Lightyear).
Queens Of The Stone Age — "3's & 7's, Pt. 2 [UK 7"]" (Universal/Polydor).
Фрэнк Синатра — "Christmas Songs By Sinatra" (Sony).
Kings Of Leon — "Because Of The Times" (Control Group).
Роберт Палмер — "Best Of Robert Palmer: Addicted To Love" (Umvd Import).
Sister Hazel — "BAM!, Vol. 1" (Wandering Hazel).
Джон Фрусианте — "Ataxia II" (Record Collection).
Jefferson Starship — "Definitive Concert" (Lightyear).
Рик Уэйкман — "Amazing Grace" (MVD).
Chemical Brothers — "Do It Again" (Astralwerks).
Chemical Brothers — "Do It Again" [UK 7"] (EMI/Virgin).
Chemical Brothers — "Do It Again, Pt. 1" (EMI/Virgin).
Chemical Brothers — "Do It Again, Pt. 2" (EMI/Virgin).
Дасти Спрингфилд — "Complete BBC Sessions" (Universal).
Fall — "Extricate" (Umvd Import).
Натали Коул — "Inseparable" (Mosaic Contemporary).
Red Hot Chili Peppers — "Hump de Bump" (WEA/Warner).
Риханна — "Good Girl Gone Bad" (Island / Def-Jam).
Shamen — "Hempton Manor" (One Little Indian).
Мадди Уотерс — "Breakin' It Up, Breakin' It Down" (Legacy).
L.A. Guns — "Hollywood Cocked & Loaded" (Cleopatra).
Ник Лоу — "At My Age" (Proper).
Isley Brothers — "Inside You/Real Deal" (Beat Goes On).
Фрэнк Блэк — "Best Of Frank Black '93-'03" (Cooking Vinyl).
Chic — "In Japan" (Snapper UK).
Элвис Пресли — "Elvis At The Movies" (RCA).
Stray Cats — "Live And Unreleased Cuts" (Laserlight).
Йен Дьюри — "Do It Yourself" (Code 90).
Beach Boys — "Live At Knebworth" (Rec).
Стив Миллер — "Coxhill/Miller" (Cuneiform).
Pretenders — "Get Close" [Bonus Tracks] (Rhino).
Pretenders — "Learning To Crawl" [Bonus Tracks] (Rhino).
Стив Хаккетт — "Cured" [Bonus Tracks] (Toshiba EMI).
Стив Хакетт — "Highly Strung" [Bonus Tracks] (Toshiba EMI).
Gossip — "Listen Up" [CD UK] (Backyard).
Сонни Роллинз — "Jazz Biography" (United Multi Consign).
Great White — "Live & Raw" (Cleopatra).
Том Петти — "Highway Companion" [Special Edition] (Warner Bros.).
Marillion — "Live From Loreley" (EMI).
Брюс Спрингстин — "Live In Dublin" [CD/DVD] (Columbia).
Lynyrd Skynyrd — "Live from Austin, TX" (New West).
Стиви Никс — "Live: Red Rocks" (Lightyear).
Kamelot — "Ghost Opera" (Steamhammer).
Херби Хэнкок — "Finest In Jazz" (EMI/Blue Note).
Херби Хэнкок — "Rock Your Soul" (Kingsroad).
Salem — "Necessary Evil" (Season Of Mist).
Пегги Ли — "Mastercuts" (Maa).
Poison — "Poison'd!" (Capitol).
Джон Колтрейн — "Our Favourite Coltrane" (Kingsroad).
Tesla — "Real To Real [Fye Exclusive] (Tesla Electric).
Эрта Китт — "Mastercuts" (Maa).
Queens Of The Stone Age — "Sick Sick Sick" (Universal/Polydor).
Этта Джеймс — "Jazz" (Verve Labels).
Waterboys — "She Tried To Hold Me" (Universal).
Рой Вуд — "Look Thru The Eyes Of Roy Wood" (Castle).
Small Faces — "Small Faces" (Snapper UK).
Би Би Кинг — "Mastercuts" (Maa).
Rush — "Snakes & Arrows" (Rhino).
Джеймс Браун — "Gold" (Polydor).
Джеймс Браун — "Jazz" (Verve Labels).
Fish — "Sunsets On Empire" (SNC).
Лита Форд — "Out For Blood/Dancin On The Edge" (Beat Goes On).
Eurythmics — "Sweet Dreams" [Video] (A&M).
Майлз Дэвис — "Miles Better" (Kingsroad).
Dream Theater — "Systematic Chaos" [CD/DVD] (Roadrunner).
Рита Кулидж — "On Stage At World Cafe Live" (Decca).
Temptations — "The Temptations Review Featuring Dennis Edwards" (Soul Concerts).
Эннио Морриконе — "Platinum Collection" (EMI).
Clash — "The Singles" [2007] (Legacy).
Хоуи Би — "Music For Astronauts And Cosmonauts" (Reincarnate Music).
Cure — "Three Imaginary Boys" (Lilith).
Нина Саймон — "Spell On You" (Kingsroad).
Blackfoot — "Train Train: Southern Rock's Best" (Cleopatra).
Келли Кларксон — "Never Again" [UK CD] (BMG/RCA).
Genesis — "Turn It On Again: The Hits" [The Tour Edition] (EMI).
Телониус Монк — "Finest In Jazz" (EMI/Blue Note).
Телониус Монк — "Perfect" (Kingsroad).
T. Rex — "Tanx" (Code 90).
Бек — "Singles 1994-2006" [Box Set] [Bonus Tracks] (Universal Japan).
Shampoo — "We Are Shampoo" [Bonus Tracks] (Cherry Red).
Лютер Вандросс — "This Is Christmas" (Sony).
Doors — "Videobiography" (Classic Rock Legends).
Тони Беннетт — "Snowfall: The Tony Bennett Christmas Album" (Sony).
Motorhead — "Videobiography" (Classic Rock Legends).
Андреа Корр — "World Is Outside" (WEA).
Status Quo — "Videobiography" (CLL).
Status Quo — "Videography" [2-DVD] (Classic Rock Legends).
Нэнси Уилсон — "Very Best Of Nancy Wilson" (EMI Gold).
Thin Lizzy — "Greatest Hits" (Universal).
Thin Lizzy — "Shades Of A Blue Orphanage" [Limited Edition] (Universal/Decca).
Thin Lizzy — "Thin Lizzy" [Limited Edition] (Umvd Import).
Thin Lizzy — "Vagabonds Of The Western World" [Limited Edition] (Umvd Import).
50 Центов — "Straight To The Bank" (Interscope).
DJ Бомба — "So What?" (Central Station).
Стив Хиллидж — "For To Next" [Remastered] (Toshiba EMI).
Стив Хиллидж — "Green" [Bonus Tracks] (Toshiba EMI).
Стив Хиллидж — "Live Herald" [Bonus Track] (Toshiba EMI).
Стив Хиллидж — "Open" [Remastered] (Toshiba EMI).
Marilyn Manson — "Eat Me, Drink Me" (Nothing).
Marilyn Manson — "Sympathy For The Devil" (Usd).
Элла Фитцджеральд — "It Ain't Over" (Kingsroad).
Элла Фитцджеральд — "Love, Ella" (Verve).
Элла Фитцджеральд — "Sings The Cole Porter Song Book" (Verve).
Элла Фитцджеральд — "Sings The Harold Arlen Song Book" (Verve).
Элла Фитцджеральд — "Sings The Irving Berlin Song Book" (Verve).
Элла Фитцджеральд — "Sings The Jerome Kern Song Book" (Verve).
Элла Фитцджеральд — "Sings The Johnny Mercer Song Book" (Verve).
Элла Фитцджеральд — "Sings The Rodgers And Hart Song Book" (Verve).
Кози Пауэлл — "Octopuss" (Polydor).
Кози Пауэлл — "Over The Top" (Polydor).
Кози Пауэлл — "Tilt" (Polydor).
Разные исполнители — "Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions Of Green Day" (Bab).
Разные исполнители — "Hell's Bells Of Christmas: The AC/DC Tribute" (Cro).
Разные исполнители — "Hip-Hop Tribute To Lynyrd Skynyrd" (TRB).
Разные исполнители — "And Christmas For All! The Holiday Tribute To Metallica" (Cro).
Разные исполнители — "Bluegrass Tribute To Aerosmith" (CMH).
Разные исполнители — "Toby Keith Honkytonk Tribute" (Cce).
Разные исполнители — "Tribute To 50 Cent" (Tribute Sounds).
Разные исполнители — "We All Love Ella: Celebrating The First Lady Of Song" (Universal).
Саундтрек — "Spider Man 3: Music From And Inspired By" (Warner Bros.).