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13.11.06 14:59 Раздел: Хроника Рубрика: Хроника

(По данным еженедельника Billboard).
Мара — "Joyride: Remixes" (K).
Beatles — "Love" (Capitol).
Beatles — "Love" [Bonus Dva] (Capitol).
Хилари Дафф — "Metamorphosis" [UK Bonus Tracks] (Avex Trax).
Boney M — "The Magic Of Boney M" (BMG).
Селин Дион — "S'Il Suffisait d'Aimer (If It Is Enough To Love)" (Sony).
Rock Star Supernova — "Rock Star Supernova" (Sony).
Хулио Иглесиас — "Romantic Classics" [Bonus Tracks] (Sony/BMG Import).
Lordi — "Arockalypse" [Bonus Tracks] (BMG Germany).
Lordi — "Market Square Massacre" (BMG International).
Фредди Меркьюри — "Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs" [DVD] (EMI).
Фредди Меркьюри — "Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs: The Very Best Of Freddie Mercury Solo" (Hollywood).
All Saints — "Studio 1" [Bonus DVD] (EMI).
Крис де Бург — "The Storyman" (Justin Time).
Rammstein — "Voelkerball: Bildband" (UMVD Import).
Rammstein — "Volkerball" [Bonus DVDs] (UMVD Import).
Джастин Тимберлейк — "My Love, Pt. 2" (BMG Germany).
Westlife — "Rose" (SBME Import).
Westlife — "Live Tour" (BMG/Syco).
Мадонна — "Jump" [Single] (WEA International).
ABBA — "Number Ones" [DVD] (Polydor).
Бейонс — "Collector's Box" (Chrome Dreams).
Jamiroquai — "Runaway, Pt. 1" (SBME Import).
Данни Миноуг — "The Hits & Beyond" (Central Station).
Pet Shop Boys — "In Concert At The Mermaid Theatre" (EMI).
Робби Уильямс — "Lovelight" [DVD] (EMI).
Робби Уильямс — "And Through It All: Live 1997-2006" (EMI).
Робби Уильямс — "Lovelight" (EMI).
Робби Уильямс — "Music In Review" (Classic Rock Legends).
Europe — "Final Countdown Tour: Live In Sweden 1986" (Music Video Distributors).
Наташа Бедингфилд — "Live At The Nokia Theater" (Epic).
Наташа Бедингфилд — "Live In New York City" (Sony).
Orchestra Baobab — "African Nights: Orchestra Baobab" (Sheer Legacy).
Джанет Джексон — "So Excited" [Single] (EMI/Virgin).
Take That — "Patience" (Universal/Polydor).
Том Джонс — "26 Country Hits" (United States Dist).
Run D.M.C. — "Collections" (SBME Import).
Джанна Ниннини — "America E I Suoi Grandi Successi" (Sony/BMG).
U2 — "18 Singles" (Universal/Mercury).
U2 — "18 Singles" [Bonus DVD] (Universal/Mercury).
U2 — "18 Singles" [Bonus Track] (Universal/Mercury).
U2 — "U218 Singles" [CD/DVD] (Interscope).
Сюзи Куатро — "Greatest Hits" (EMI).
Incubus — "Anna-Molly" [Single] (Sony/Columbia).
Патти Смит — "Horses" [Bonus Track] (BMG).
Cream — "Classic Artists" (Image).
Андреа Бочелли — "Amor" [Bonus Tracks] (Universal Latino).
Андреа Бочелли — "Amore" [Bonus DVD] (Universal).
Red Hot Chili Peppers — " Funk Brothers In Arms" (United States Of Dist.).
Тони Беннетт — "An American Classic" (RPM).
Rainbow — "Colour Collection" (Universal/Polydor).
Фэтбой Слим — "Champion Sound, Pt. 2" (Skint).
Nirvana — "In Utero: Under Review" (MVD).
Боб Марли — "Best Of Bob Marley" (Madacy).
Боб Марли — "Definitive Gold" (Déjà vu).
Doors — "Perception" (Rhino).
Майкл Болтон — "Collections" (Sony).
Joy Division — "Closer" (Rhino).
Joy Division — "Unknown Pleasures" (Rhino).
Элвис Пресли — "The Ed Sullivan Shows" (Image).
Yardbirds — "An Introduction To The Yardbirds" (Fuel 2000).
Вуди Гатри — "Anthology" (Déjà vu).
Steeleye Span — "Bloody Men" (Park).
Дейв Брубек — "At Wilshire Ebell: The Historic 1953 Los Angeles Concert" (Fresh Sounds).
Дейв Брубек — "Take 5 In A Quarter" (Geneon).
Dixie Chicks "Collector's Box" (USD).
Каунт Бейси — "Basie's Bag (Of Swing)" (Golden Stars).
Hall & Oates — "Collections" (SBME Import).
Нена — "Colour Collection" (Universal/Polydor).
Thin Lizzy - "Colour Collection" (Universal/MCA).
Стив Уинвуд — "Colour Collection" (Universal/Island).
King Crimson — "Condensed 21st Century Guide To King Crimson (1969-2003)" (Discipline).
Фрэнк Синатра — "Definitive Gold" (Déjà vu).
Atomic Rooster — "Death Walks Behind You" [Bonus Tracks] (Akarma).
Билли Холидей — "Definitive Gold" (Déjà vu).
Carpenters — "Definitive Carpenters" (Universal/UMTV).
Carpenters — "The Ultimate Collection" (Universal).
Нэт Кинг Коул — "Definitive Gold" (Déjà vu).
Corrs — "Dreams: The Corrs Collection" (WEA International).
Гленн Миллер — "Definitive Gold" (Déjà vu).
Slayer — "Eyes Of The Insane, Pt. 1" (WEA International).
Slayer — "Eyes Of The Insane, Pt. 2" (WEA International).
Патти Смит — "Easter" [Bonus Tracks] (BMG).
Crowded House — "Farewell To The World" (EMI).
Crowded House — "Farewell To The World" [DVD] (EMI).
Бесси Смит — "Empty Bed Blues" (Golden Stars).
Charlatans — "Forever: The Singles" (UMVD Import).
Кенни Роджерс — "Eyes That See In The Dark" (Castle).
Yes — "Fragile" (Mobile Fidelity).
Марк Болан — "Get It On" (Prism Platinum).
Everly Brothers — "Greatest Love Songs, Vol. 2" (United States Dist).
Бинг Кросби — "EMI Comedy: Bing Crosby" (EMI Gold Imports).
Бинг Кросби — "EMI Comedy: Bing Crosby & Bob Hope" (EMI Gold Imports).
Бинг Кросби — "Going My Way" (United States Dist).
Pussycat Dolls — "I Don't Need A Man" (UMVD Import).
Дэвид Кросби — "Voyage Box Set" (Rhino).
Дэвид Кросби — "If I Could Only Remember My Name" [Bonus Tracks] (WEA/Rhino).
P.O.D. — "Greatest Hits: The Atlantic Years" (Rhino).
Элвис Костелло — "Hot As A Pistol, Keen As A Blade" (Hip-O).
Telephone — "Illimite" (EMI).
Пэт Тревис — "Hooked On Music" (Music Video Distributors).
Kiss — "Kiss Alive! 1975-2000" [Box Set] (Island).
Ник Лэчи — "I Can't Hate You Anymore" (BMG International).
Manowar — "Live At Earthshaker Fest 2005" (Magic Circle Music).
Manowar — "The Sons Of Odin" (SPV Import).
Дайана Росс — "Colour Collection" (Universal/Motown).
Дайана Росс — "I Love You" (EMI).
Supremes — "Reflections: The Definitive Performances 1964-1969" (Motown).
Джон Ли Хукер — "I'm In The Mood For Love" (Immortal).
Who — "Maximum Who: The Unauthorized Biography Of The Who" (USD).
Кенни Джи — "I'm In The Mood For Love: The Most Romantic Melodies Of All Time" [Bonus Track] (BMG/Arista).
McFly — "Motion In The Ocean" (UMVD Import).
Джон Колтрейн — "Impressions Of Coltrane" (Immortal).
Focus — "Music In Review" (Classic Rock Legends).
Гейм — "Doctor's Advocate" [Bonus Track] (Universal).
Гейм — "It's Okay" (UMVD Import).
Housemartins — "Now That's What I Call Quite Good!" (Universal).
Джей-Зед — "Kingdom Come" [Deluxe Edition] [CD/DVD] [Clean] (Roc-A-Fella).
Cactus — "One Way...Or Another" (JVC Japan).
Cactus — "Restrictions" (JVC Japan).
Серж Гинсбург — "Les 100 Plus Belles Chansons" (Universal France).
Далида — "Les Annees Disco" (Universal).
Styx — "One With Everything" (Frontiers).
Дэвид Грэй — "Life In Slow Motion" [DVD] (Ato).
Van Halen — "Panama: A Millennium Tribute To Van Halen" (Versailles).
Хосе Фелисиано — "Light My Fire" (United States Dist).
Faithless — "Bombs" (Sony/Columbia).
Pussycat Dolls — "PCD" [Bonus CD] (Universal International).
Том Уэйтс — "Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards" (Anti).
Том Уэйтс — "Under Review 1971-82" (MVD).
Level 42 — "Pursuit Of Accidents" [Bonus Tracks] (Universal).
Ноториус Би-Ай-Джи — "Ready To Die" [CD/DVD] (Bad Boy).
Osmonds — "Live In Concert" (Music Video Distributors).
Барри Уайт — "Live In Germany" (Immortal).
Jet — "Rip It Up" (EMI/Capitol).
Марвин Гей — "Master" [Earbook] (Edel).
Snow Patrol — "Set The Fire To The Third Bar" (UMVD Import).
Чет Аткинс — "Mister Sandman: 22 Guitar Classics" (Country Stars).
Чет Аткинс — "Very Best Of Chet Atkins" (Mastersong).
Foo Fighters — "Skin And Bones" (RCA).
Брюс Спрингстин — "Music In Review" (Classic Rock Legends).
Black Crowes — "Soul Singin': The Best Of The Black Crowes" (Instant Live).
Эдит Пиаф — "Or" (Déjà vu).
Beautiful South — "Superbi" [Bonus Track] (Sony).
Тупак Шакур — "Pac's Life" [Clean] (Interscope).
Modern Jazz Quartet — "The Comedy/Lonely Woman" (Collectables).
Шарль Азнавур — "Hier Encore" (EMI).
Шарль Азнавур — "Plus Grands Succes (Pour Vous au Quebec)" (EMI/Capitol).
Arrested Development — "The Collection" (EMI).
Робин Джибб — "My Favourite Carols" (Koch).
Free — "The Free Story" (Classic Rock Legends).
Билл Уайман — "Struttin' Our Stuff" (Inakustik).
Diamond Head — "To The Devil His Due" (Music Video Distributors).
Рик Уэйкман — "Christmas Variations" (USD).
Рик Уэйкман — "Out There" (United States Dist).
Yes — "Union" [Bonus Track] (BMG).
Снуп Догг — "Tha Blue Carpet Treatment" [Clean] (Doggystyle/Geffen).
Снуп Догг — "That's That" (Gefen).
Roxy Music — "Thrill Of It All: A Visual History 1972-1982" (EMI).
Roxy Music — "Total Recall: A History, 1972-1982" (EMI).
Оззи Осборн — "Speak Of The Devil" (Sony).
Оззи Осборн — "The Ultimate Sin" (Sony).
Saga — "Worlds Apart Revisited" [DVD/CD] (Inside Out Music).
Джонни Матис — "The 50th Anniversary Celebration" (Legacy).
Kansas — "Works In Progress" [Bonus DVD] (Smith & Co UK).
Патти ЛаБелл — "The Gospel According To Patti Labelle" (Bungalo).
Oasis — "Complete Singles 94-06" (Sony).
Oasis — "Stop The Clocks" (Big Brother).
Oasis — "Stop The Clocks" [Bonus DVD] (Sony).
Oasis — "Stop The Clocks" [CD/DVD] (Sony).
Дэвид Боуи — "Under Review 1976-79 Berlin" (MVD).
Элла Фитцджеральд — "Definitive Gold" (Déjà vu).
Элла Фитцджеральд — "Live From Lincoln Center" (Immortal).
Элла Фитцджеральд — "That's My Desire" (Deluxe).
Билли Брегг — "Volume 1" (Cooking Vinyl).
Рэй Чарльз — "Definitive Gold" (Déjà vu).
Рэй Чарльз — "Genius" (United States Dist).
Рэй Чарльз — "Live At The Olympia 2000" [DVD] (XIII bis).
Нина Саймон — "Very Best Of Nina Simone" (Music Brokers).
Би Би Кинг — "Blues In My Heart" (P-Vine).
Би Би Кинг — "Great B.B. King" (P-Vine).
Би Би Кинг — "More" (P-Vine).
Би Би Кинг — "Singin' The Blues" (P-Vine).
Би Би Кинг — "Wails" (P-Vine).
Джонни Кэш — "The Legend Of Johnny Cash, Vol. II" (Island).
Реба Макинтайр — "Video Gold, Vol. I" (MCA Nashville).
Реба Макинтайр — "Video Gold, Vol. II" (MCA Nashville).
Джон Кэйл — "An Exploration Of His Life And Music" (Kultur Video).
Питер Маффи — "1971-1979" (BMG Germany).
Саундтрек — "Bobby" (Island).
Разные исполнители — "A Jazz Christmas: That Special Time Of Year" (Metropolitan).
Разные исполнители — "Best Ever Christmas Mix, Vol. 2" (EMI).
Разные исполнители — "Ultimate Christmas" [Platinum Collection] (Platinum Collection).
Разные исполнители — "Burlesque Tribute To Christina Aguilera" (SCF).
Разные исполнители — "A Strange Illusion: Tribute To Iron Maiden" (CRM).
Разные исполнители — "As You Eternally Rot: The Tribute To Slayer" (CRM).
Разные исполнители — "Beyonce: Can You Bring It? Sing" (Sor).
Разные исполнители — "Can You Bring It? Sing And Dance To The Music Of Beyonce" (School Of Rock).
Разные исполнители — "Can You Flow? Instrumental Renditions Of Jay-Z's Greatest Hits" (Re).
Разные исполнители — "Electro-Acoustic Tribute To Tool" (Calvin).
Разные исполнители — "Hammer Down: The Tribute To Motorhead" (CRM).
Разные исполнители — "Tribute To Motorhead: Hammer Down" (Re).
Разные исполнители — "Oh You Pretty Things: The Songs Of David Bowie" (Castle Comm.).
Разные исполнители — "Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions Of Queens Of The Stone Age" (Baby Rock).
Разные исполнители — "Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions Of The Eagles" (Baby Rock).
Разные исполнители — "Pickin' On Bob Seger" (CMH).
Разные исполнители — "Smooth Sax Tribute To OutKast" (Tribute Sounds).
Разные исполнители — "Where The Bluegrass Grows: The Music Of Tim McGraw" (CMH).